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Bi-Energy Access Platforms for Hire

Hire a wide range of bi-powered access platforms designed to meet all your elevated work requirements. Our selection includes the latest machines, capable of combining the efficiency of battery operated access platforms and the performance of diesel powered equipment. Whether you’re tackling indoor maintenance tasks with strict emission controls or outdoor construction projects requiring robust power, our bi-powered platforms offer unmatched versatility and reliability. Each unit undergoes rigorous maintenance checks to guarantee safety and operational excellence. Explore our extensive range today and find the perfect solution for your height access needs, backed by our commitment to exceptional customer service and technical training courses.

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  • Niftylift HR12N

  • Genie Z34/22 Bi-Energy

  • Genie Z45/25J Bi-Energy

  • Niftylift HR17N

  • Niftylift HR21

  • Niftylift HR28

  • Genie 4069BE

  • Niftylift HR17 4×4 Hybrid

Diesel vs Electric Platform Lifts

Whether its scissor lifts or boom lifts, bi-energy powered platforms enable maximum flexibility, due the hybrid power model striking that elegant balance between diesel and battery performance. Diesel scissor lifts for instance have always been the go-to equipment for outdoor work due to their heavier and more robust engine design. Battery powered equipment meanwhile boasts a more indoor-friendly design due to its quieter engine and low-emission operations. With bi-energy access platforms, you gain the ultimate versatility for both indoor and outdoor projects, ensuring you have the perfect tool for every job.