Niftylift HR17 4×4 Hybrid

The HR17 Hybrid 4×4 is one of a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms from Niftylift.

Combining advanced power-source technology with capable 4×4, it delivers outstanding performance from a compact and super-low-weight design. It has a working height of 17m (55ft 10in), a working outreach of 9.1m (29ft 10in) and incorporates industry leading and award winning technologies.

The HR17 Hybrid 4×4’s revolutionary Hybrid power pack allows the selection of Electric only or Hybrid power during operation.

On Electric only the HR17 becomes a ‘zero emission’ machine that can work inside or out in any environment both cleanly and quietly.

On Hybrid Power, the HR17 allows the electric motor to automatically assist the Diesel engine when required (e.g. climbing a steep slope), boosting the overall power available. At all other times the electric motor channels the excess power from the Diesel engine back to the batteries, storing it for when it is most needed. This ingenious Hybrid technology means that the machine can use a much smaller Diesel engine (Kubota 722 – 18Hp) than would otherwise be required, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50% (compared to other machines in its class) and therefore greatly reducing running costs. Furthermore, due to its efficient design the ‘Diesel Re-Gen‘ feature can charge the batteries up 40% faster than standard mains power, so the HR17 can fully re-charge itself in just 4 hours. This means that the HR17 Hybrid 4×4 can potentially work 24 hours a day, using the electric motor to work quietly at night and then re-charge during the day-shift while running on Diesel.

The HR17 also incorporates an advanced exhaust purification system, greatly reducing CO (Carbon Monoxide), HC (Hydro-Carbons), particulates (soot), and noise emissions.

Working Height

Platform Height




Platform Dimensions

0.85m x 1.80m

Overall Height


Overall Width


Overall Length


Overall Weight


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This machine requires a valid IPAF Operator Licence, available as either a classroom or eLearning course.

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