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Hiring the right access platform is essential when it comes to making sure you’re able to work at height safely and efficiently. With each industry having its own unique needs and requirements when it comes to the access equipment they employ, we’ve made sure that hiring the right platform or scissor lift is made simple and hassle-free, so you can always find the machine that best works for you. Browse our assortment of access platforms for hire below, with trusted brands like Genie, JLG and Skyjack on offer, and make sure you can reach elevated areas safely and securely.


Wide Range of Access Equipment for Hire

Our selection of access platforms ensures every application has the right tools available. From small access platforms ideal for indoor tasks to robust powered access platforms engineered for large-scale outdoor projects, we cater to all your needs. In addition to a broad range of platforms available for rental, we also offer an assortment of eLearning courses and classroom training sessions to help your workforce operate these machines with confidence and precision. All our training courses are offered via recognised bodies and delivered by experienced instructors, to ensure your scissor and boom lift operations are compliant with the latest IPAF regulations.

Product Power Type

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  • Skyjack 6826

  • Skyjack 7135 LPG

  • Skyjack 6832

  • Skyjack 8831

  • Skyjack 8841

  • Skyjack 9250

  • Skyjack 9241

  • Genie GS5390

  • Hollandlift 195/25

  • Genie GS3384

  • Skyjack 8841 LPG

  • Skyjack 8831 LPG

Which Powered Access Platforms Should You Hire?

Battery Powered Access Platforms

Access platforms powered using batteries are also commonly referred to as mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs). The rechargeable batteries powering them are more environmentally-friendly and allow for quieter operations compared to those powered by internal combustion engines. This makes battery powered platforms suitable for use in-doors or in environments where both noise and emissions must be minimised.


Bi-energy Access Platforms

For maximum flexibility and efficiency across different work requirements, bi-energy access platforms are ideal. These aerial work platforms leverage the high-end performance of diesel power sources and the flexibility of battery-powered access vehicles to ensure you have the best of both worlds when it comes to your own operations. This enables you to tackle any project with confidence, knowing that your hired machinery capable of adapting to the different environments it is required to work in.


Diesel Access Platforms

If the access platform you’re looking to hire is needed for heavy-duty construction, maintenance and rigging applications, then diesel access equipment will have what you’re after. Typically deployed in larger machinery such as diesel scissor lifts and boom lifts, these types of access platforms make full use of the power and performance diesel engines offer. Another major advantage of this sort of power source is that they allow for longer operating times before refuelling is needed, which is perfect for a range of industries where equipment is required to be long-lasting and more robust.


LPG Powered Access Platforms

Our LPG access platforms for hire utilise liquefied petroleum gas as their fuel source. LPG platforms tend to be smaller access platforms when it comes to size, but their fuel-efficient performance and suitability for indoor and outdoor applications make them a favourite of professionals in warehouses, logistics, facility management and event setup industries. Skyjack and Genie are two trusted names you’ll probably come across when searching for an LPG platform to rent, which we stock in abundance within our ranges of Skyjack Scissor Lifts and Genie Scissor Lifts.


Push Around Access Platforms

Push around vertical lifts are also an example of smaller-scale access platforms. They are compact, lightweight and often designed to enable a single person to perform tasks at height. They are able to be manoeuvred by manually pushing the equipment to the desired location and then elevating using an electric or hydraulic mechanism. Obviously the major benefits of this sort of setup are the smaller footprint, which allows for streamlined portability and easy movement through standard doorways and confined spaces. Often deployed in retail and commercial settings, or in facilities where routine inspections are requires such as schools, hospitals and office buildings, our push around platforms will tick all your boxes.