IPAF Harness Course (Classroom)

Learn how to select, inspect and safely use a harness with our IPAF harness course and adjustable lanyard when operating a boom type mobile elevating work platform.

This IPAF harness course is designed for individuals operating boom lifts or similar types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). In roles involving elevated work, the use of a safety harness is mandatory. Both IPAF and the HSE strongly advocate for the utilisation of a full-body harness and an adjustable restraint-type lanyard during the operation of any boom-type MEWP. Here at Premier Platforms, we offer IPAF harness training that will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for safe working at heights.

Course Overview:

  • Understanding health and safety laws and regulations related to working at heights.
  • Familiarisation with working at height regulations.
  • Identification and proper usage of various harness types.
  • Understanding different types of lanyards and their applications.
  • Harness inspection protocols, including responsible parties and frequency.
  • Safe harness usage guidelines.
  • Hands-on practical sessions.
  • Development of rescue plans.
  • Practice in donning and doffing harnesses.
  • Practical exercises for identifying faulty harnesses.
  • Identification of equipment required for safe task execution.

Target Audience:

This IPAF harness course is tailored for individuals utilising safety harnesses and lanyards as part of their job responsibilities. Operators of boom lifts or similar mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) are particularly encouraged to undergo this training to ensure the safe utilisation of harnesses.

  • Review of health and safety laws and regulations pertaining to working at heights.
  • Examination of working at height regulations.
  • Understanding the different types of harnesses and their proper fitting.
  • Overview of various lanyards and their intended uses.
  • Guidelines for harness inspection, including responsible personnel and inspection schedules.
  • Demonstrations and practice sessions on safe harness usage.
  • Hands-on practical exercises.
  • Creation of rescue plans.
  • Hands-on practice in donning and doffing harnesses.
  • Practical exercises for identifying defective harnesses.
  • Identification of necessary equipment for safe task completion.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an IPAF harness training certificate.

Yes, you will need to bring with you a valid double-point harness and adjustable lanyard.

Working in a MEWP is secure and reliable and while there’s no legal requirement for wearing harnesses at height, it’s strongly recommended – to help protect you from fatal falls.

Delegates successfully completing the course will have the Harness (H) category added to their Powered Access Licence (PAL) – valid for 5 years.

Usually, IPAF harness training lasts for around 4-6 hours depending on the competency of delegates.

The primary benefit of IPAF harness training is that it provides workers with the proper skills and knowledge to safely work at height and reduce the risk of accidents. It also helps to ensure that the proper safety equipment is used and maintained in accordance with regulations.

IPAF harness training is a program designed to teach workers how to safely work at height with the use of a full body harness connected to an anchorage point. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of harnesses, as well as fall arrest systems. Learn how to select, inspect, and safely use a harness and adjustable lanyard when operating a boom type mobile elevating work platform.

Topics covered in IPAF harness training include laws and regulations, rescue plans, donning and doffing the harness, safety inspection and other relevant topics.

IPAF harness training is suitable for workers in any role that involves working from a height, and the person is required to wear a safety harness as part of their work. For instance, on a construction site or in a warehouse environment.



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Course Duration: Half Day
Course Type: Classroom/Practical Session
Maximum Class Size: 10 Delegates
Course Registration: 7:45am
Course Start Time: 8:00am
Course Finish Time:§ 12:30pm

†Maximum class size may be less at certain training centre locations.
‡Delegates must arrive 15 minutes prior to course start time for registration.
§Finish time is approximate and may be longer dependent on competency of delegates.

You will need to bring with you a valid double point harness and adjustable lanyard.

CERTIFICATION – Please note that all IPAF cards are issued via an app and called EPAL, if you require a hard copy then an additional £10 will be charged on day of training.

Tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day on all courses at all of our training centres.  Please note that lunch is not provided.

Courses cancelled less than 7 days prior to the course date but exceeding 48 working hours will incur a 50% charge. Courses cancelled less than 48 working hours before the course date will incur full payment.

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