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Scissor lifts, renowned for their versatility, stand as indispensable aerial work platforms widely utilised across construction sites, maintenance tasks, and warehouse operations. These access platforms are equipped with a series of interlocking metal supports, named scissor mechanisms, which facilitate vertical movement, allowing workers to ascend to elevated areas with ease.

Our fleet of scissor lifts for hire encompasses a range of options, including compact electric scissor lifts and diesel variants. These types of aerial lifts provide a stable and secure platform for operators, ensuring safe access to elevated workspaces. Designed with efficiency and safety in mind, our scissor lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, offering the flexibility to tackle a diverse array of projects.

Whether you need to reach high shelves in a warehouse or perform maintenance tasks at height or in narrow spaces, our scissor lifts are up to the challenge. With varying height capacities and compact designs, they are perfectly suited to navigate confined spaces while providing ample reach for your tasks.

Looking to enhance productivity and safety on your worksite? Our selection of scissor lifts for hire includes Diesel Scissor Lifts 3a, Electric Scissor Lifts 3a, and LPG Scissor Lifts 3a. Whatever your project demands, our scissor lifts for hire offer a safe and efficient solution for accessing elevated work areas. Elevate your projects to new heights with confidence by choosing our scissor lift rental services.

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  • Dingli JCPT0607DCS

  • Dingli 1412DC

  • Hollandlift HL-220 E12

  • JLG LiftLux 153-12

  • Skyjack 7135

  • Skyjack 9250 LPG

  • Genie 4069BE

  • Dingli 1612DC

  • Dingli JCPT2212DC

  • Dingli JCPT 2223 RTB

  • Skyjack 3220

  • LGMG 1212E

Scissor lift access platforms stand as essential tools for working at height, offering precise control and reliable performance to operators. These versatile aerial lifts come in various types, including electric scissor lifts and diesel scissor lifts, each tailored to meet specific project requirements. Electric scissor lifts are favoured for their eco-friendly operation, minimal noise output, and suitability for indoor applications. Conversely, diesel scissor lifts excel in outdoor settings, delivering robust performance and adaptability to various terrain conditions.

At our scissor lift hire service, we provide a cost-effective solution for short-term projects, eliminating the hassle of long-term equipment ownership and maintenance. Our extensive fleet boasts a range of scissor lifts, including 8m and 10m high scissor platforms, ensuring we have the right equipment to meet your vertical reach needs.

Why Choose Our Scissor Lifts?

1. Safety Assurance:
Safety is our top priority. Our scissor lifts for hire undergo regular maintenance and thorough inspections to ensure they meet the highest safety standards. Rest assured that when you choose our scissor lifts, you’re choosing equipment that prioritises your safety and the safety of your team.

2. Versatility and Accessibility:
Our fleet of scissor lifts for hire offer versatility to handle a wide range of tasks. With varying vertical lift heights and weight capacities, you can find the perfect scissor lift assess platform for your specific job. Easily navigate through indoor and outdoor spaces, providing accessibility to areas that would be challenging with other equipment.

3. User-Friendly Operation:
Our scissor lift elevating work platforms are designed for ease of use. Whether you’re an experienced operator or new to using aerial work platforms, our scissor lifts offer intuitive controls for smooth and efficient operation. We also provide training if needed to ensure that your team can operate the equipment confidently.

4. Flexible Rental Terms:
We understand that projects vary in duration. That’s why we offer flexible rental terms, allowing you to hire our scissor lifts for a day, a week, or an extended period. Our goal is to provide you with the equipment you need for as long as you need it.