Quality Range Of Niftylift Hire

Compact, low weight and environmentally friendly, NiftyLift cherry pickers and boom lifts are incredibly popular with business who are limited on space and yet don’t want to sacrifice performance or reliability. We have several NiftyLift hire options available in our new, modern fleet.

Innovative NiftyLift technology

NiftyLift was established in the UK in 1985 and has since dramatically grown to provide lifts to customers all over the world. Their strong point is creating lifts which offer high performance yet simple controls, making them reasonably easy to operate.

The company is also dedicated to creating environmentally conscious solutions, which is why many of the NiftyLifts available here at Premier Platforms are powered by battery and bi-fuel to minimise emissions. The hybrid technology allows the operator to choose either electric-only (no emissions) or hybrid power (electric assisted diesel motor to reduce fuel consumption).

The electric motor directs excess power from the diesel engine back into the electric battery to be stored for later use, meaning faster charging, less downtime and less emissions. Not only is this innovative technology fantastic for the environment, but it also reduces fuel costs for the user.

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Choosing a NiftyLift to hire

We have several NiftyLift platforms options available, each varying in maximum height from 10m to 19m and in reach from 13m to 21m. Each one is designed to be driveable at full height and has unrestricted outreach and zero tail swing.

The quality of NiftyLifts is impeccable; the machines are manufactured to a high quality and are incredibly sturdy considering that they are built to be compact and as lightweight as possible. Their relatively small footprint makes them particularly suitable for indoor work where space is limited.