Stay Compliant

Work at height regulations require you as an employer to assume full responsibility for your employee’s health and safety. Therefore you need to provide adequate training to ensure you are not potentially liable for prosecution.

“Did you know that falls from ladders and scaffolding are responsible for over half of all fatal injuries recorded in the construction industry”

Premier Platforms Height and Safety CourseAt Premier Platforms we offer safety at height courses tailored for all your needs through the recognised training bodies. Our experienced trainers will help you understand your obligations and allow you to undertake your tasks and projects with the very latest health and safety practice in Platform, Scissor Lift and Cherry Picker Training.

Operators and Demonstrator training for:

  • Static Vertical (1A) – Personnel Lifts
  • Static Boom (1B) – Truck & Trailer Mounts
  • Mobile Vertical (3A) – Scissor Lifts
  • Mobile Boom (3B) – Boom Lifts
  • Push Around Vertical (PAV) – Low level access

We are also able to offer training on mobile aluminum towers.